Our airline partners

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Dfly International Have 4 Centres Where We Providing Our Career Making Courses Namely – Indore, Mumbai, Raipur And Dubai.

Yes, Dfly International Provide Scholarship assistance to the caliber students.

Yes, all students are welcome to apply online. Simply to click on registration form. After receiving the requested documents, we start the enrolment process.

Dfly International College does not charge registration fee.

Yes, Dfly International provides placement support assistance as Dfly International has numerous partners in top airline companies and top hotels.

Dfly International not only provides the particular courses but also provides the other facilities like House Yoga & Meditation Facility, FREE Swimming Lessons, Free career counselling and many more.

Dfly International Tie with top 287 notch Airlines, 5 star & 4 star hotels and MNC throughout the world.

2129 students got trained and placed till the date and its still counting.

Dfly International provides training by experts, inflight training, 100% placement guarantee and more.

Yes, Dfly International provides interview training for all our courses.